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While NGOs and government officials convene in California this fall at the Global Climate Action Summit, Stories of Survival will tour across the Gulf South and Puerto Rico bringing residents together to learn, deepen connections, and share stories about community-centered solutions and strategies for survival in the face of climate change. Coinciding with remembrances of catastrophic hurricanes in each of these places, the tour will include solar-powered “Cine Solar” film screenings, community storytelling, collective visioning, skills-training, and unique artistic and cultural offerings.

Historias de Supervivencia está ampliando, documentando y centrando historias y soluciones sobre el terreno durante las conmemoraciones de los huracanes Harvey, Katrina, Irma y María. La gira ha sido diseñada para elevar las experiencias de aquellos directamente impactados y amplificar las soluciones impulsadas por la comunidad a los desastres provocados por el clima a través del arte y la cultura.

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