Partnering Films


America, What’s In Your Name?

Michael “Quess?” Moore, artist, “Take Em Down NOLA” co-founder, two-time national poetry slam champion and founding member of Team SNO (Slam New Orleans), takes a harrowing look and uneasy truths of America’s current racial climate in this short film made by Jason Foster.

“Another Gulf Is Possible” Animated Short

3 minute animated short commissioned by StoryShift, in partnership with Another Gulf Is Possible, as an introductory, easy to understand primer on the concept of “Just Transition” as it relates to the belly of the extractive beast, the U.S. Gulf South and Caribbean. Script and story by Another Gulf Is Possible. Animation by Silvia Prietov’s Lucy Animation Studios, Bogota, Columbia.

Cry You One

Cry You One (the film), created by New Orleans based companies ArtSpot Productions and Mondo Bizarro, and co-produced in collaboration with Another Gulf Is Possible and Working Films, documents the four year journey of a performance experience celebrating the people and cultures of South Louisiana while turning clear eyes on the crisis of our vanishing coast.

Defend Puerto Rico

Recognizing the complex and dynamic landscapes that comprise Puerto Rican daily life and struggle, Defend Puerto Rico is a transmedia project led by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi that seeks to deepen connections between Puerto Ricans on the island and throughout the diaspora, in the hopes of nurturing greater solidarity, collaboration, and kinship through the use of media, art, and culture.

The North Pole

A political comedy web series about three best friends born and raised in North Oakland, CA, who struggle to stay rooted as their neighborhood becomes a hostile environment. Facing both gentrification and global warming, they combat evil landlords, crazy geo-engineering plots, and ultimately each other.


Music video featuring August Greene and Brandy, filmed in Jackson, Mississippi, portraying a message of black empowerment including Jackson-area activists Hollis Watkins, Frankye Adams Johnson, Dr. Cindy Ayers Elliott, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, and the Maddrama Performance Group. 

Robeson Rises

As a proposed pipeline threatens to disrupt communities and ecosystems across North Carolina, a diverse group of activists rises up to challenge construction. The new film Robeson Rises documents their journey.

Water Warriors

Filmmaker Michael Premo shares the story of a diverse community and their successful resistance against the oil and gas industry. United to drive out a natural gas company, this films features an indigenous and white coalition of activists who win their campaign to protect their water and way of life.