Partnering Films


The North Pole

A political comedy web series about three best friends born and raised in North Oakland, CA, who struggle to stay rooted as their neighborhood becomes a hostile environment. Facing both gentrification and global warming, they combat evil landlords, crazy geo-engineering plots, and ultimately each other.


Music video featuring August Greene and Brandy, filmed in Jackson, Mississippi, portraying a message of black empowerment including Jackson-area activists Hollis Watkins, Frankye Adams Johnson, Dr. Cindy Ayers Elliott, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, and the Maddrama Performance Group. 

Robeson Rises

As a proposed pipeline threatens to disrupt communities and ecosystems across North Carolina, a diverse group of activists rises up to challenge construction. The new film Robeson Rises documents their journey.

Water Warriors

Filmmaker Michael Premo shares the story of a diverse community and their successful resistance against the oil and gas industry. United to drive out a natural gas company, this films features an indigenous and white coalition of activists who win their campaign to protect their water and way of life.