Partnering Communities


NEW ORLEANS/LOUISIANA: How can we illuminate intersections between climate change, coastal land loss, racial justice, fighting white supremacist gentrification, pipeline fights alongside fossil fuel industry accountability, migrant rights, and disaster recovery?

JACKSON/MISSISSIPPI: How can we illuminate intersections of black liberatory governance and radical municipal change, organizing for self determination, racial justice, fighting white supremacy, and community media?

PUERTO RICO/BORIKEN: How can we illuminate the intersections of just recovery post-Hurricane Maria, such as climate change, neo-colonization, racial justice, fighting gentrification, community self-determination and disaster recovery?

RIO GRANDE VALLEY/TEXAS: How can we illuminate the intersections such as climate change, migrant rights, fighting border wall and la migra, and fighting fossil fuel infrastructure?

ROBESON COUNTY/NORTH CAROLINA: How can we illuminate the intersections of climate change, indigenous sovereignty, pipeline fights, fossil fuel industry accountability, racial justice and fighting white supremacy, industrial agricultural accountability, and cooperative economies?

Our community partnership collaborators include:

Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative, Bridge The Gulf, City of Jackson People’s Administration, Climate Justice Alliance, Cry You One, Defend Puerto Rico, Fondo de Resiliencia, Fossil Free Fest, Land Memory Bank, L’Eau Est La Vie Camp, Mondo Bizarro, and Tougaloo College…among many more to come.