Partnering Communities


NEW ORLEANS/LOUISIANA: How can we illuminate intersections between climate change, coastal land loss, racial justice, fighting white supremacist gentrification, pipeline fights alongside fossil fuel industry accountability, migrant rights, and disaster recovery?

JACKSON/MISSISSIPPI: How can we illuminate intersections of black liberatory governance and radical municipal change, organizing for self determination, racial justice, fighting white supremacy, and community media?

PUERTO RICO/BORIKEN: How can we illuminate the intersections of just recovery post-Hurricane Maria, such as climate change, neo-colonization, racial justice, fighting gentrification, community self-determination and disaster recovery?

RIO GRANDE VALLEY/TEXAS: How can we illuminate the intersections such as climate change, migrant rights, fighting border wall and la migra, and fighting fossil fuel infrastructure?

ROBESON COUNTY/NORTH CAROLINA: How can we illuminate the intersections of climate change, indigenous sovereignty, pipeline fights, fossil fuel industry accountability, racial justice and fighting white supremacy, industrial agricultural accountability, and cooperative economies?